perjantai 24. lokakuuta 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Fall 2014

It's time for Blogger's Quilt Festival again.

This fall I'm entering my "Green Fields" quilt. It is a lap quilt that I'm especially proud of, since it's the third one that I've quilted with my HQ Avante machine. The block pattern for these blocks is from a book called "40 Fabulous Quick-Cut-Quilts" by Evelyn Sloppy, and it is called Honeyberries.

There's some piano key quilting as ruler work on the outer sashings.

And some freehand feathers in the blocks.

The backside of the quilt looks nice as well.

7 kommenttia:

  1. Liebe Hannele,
    Ich glaub ich muß mit meinen Tops einmal nach Finnland kommen, einfach schön -
    liebe Grüße

  2. Niin upea! Kaikki natsaa, blokit, värit ja tikkaaminen.

  3. Beautifully quilted!!! And so fantastic colors!!! LOVE It!

  4. Kertakaikkisen upea! Ihanat värit ja tikkaukset :)

  5. What a beautiful quilt. I love the border treatment and the quilting is wonderful. I especially like the straight line quilting in the border. I wish you good luck with your entry in the Festival!

  6. Beautiful work! The quilting is gorgeous. Happy greens! :)